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Safecity Open Learning Network offers you quality, nationally recognised, competency based training programs that you can complete in the comfort and privacy of your own home or workplace.  




Training Plans and Correspondence Courses Coordinator Sharon flinders
Sharon Flinders  BA (Dip.Ed.)
Sharon - Open Learning Coordinator
Corporate Training Correspondence Courses

Are you an employer?  Please read this important message.


Good Corporate Trainers are very difficult to find.  Those companies who are fortunate to have a competent workplace trainer on board enjoy the benefits of a happier workforce, improved performance and productivity, reduced absenteeism, better workplace morale and higher motivation. 

Another beneficial aspect of quality corporate training is improved workplace safety and Occupational and Health and Safety compliance--if nothing else will convince you of the benefits of a professional corporate training plan, OH&S compliance should.

Shrinking world borders, brought about by the advent of the Internet and electronic media, have placed unprecedented challenges on established businesses world-wide.  Competition is going to be fierce and very real. There is little doubt in our minds that the future success and prosperity of all businesses relies on the implementation of the principle of continuous improvement and the commitment to professional corporate training and development.

By purchasing one of our corporate training packages or by producing your very own, you will be investing in the future of your business, and augmenting the opportunities for growth and profitability. Not only--you will also be demonstrating your commitment to the well-being of your staff and to the best practice standards of your industry--you simply cannot lose by investing in corporate training.

Our corporate training packages are inexpensive and easy to study.  The course material includes training guidelines and underpinning standards in training and assessment that you can use in your business.  We offer you clear directions on all the aspects of training relevant to the workplace.

Take the first step to corporate training excellence--you will not regret it.




Corporate Training

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TAE40104 Qualification
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TAA40104 Certificate IV
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