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Achieve Nationally Recognised Training by enrolling in our corporate training correspondence courses and open learning distance education. Study at home or in your workplace.

I have listed below most of the frequently asked questions our students ask about Safecity's Open Learning Education Network. I will be updating this page frequently so please check again in the near future.

If you do not find the answer to your specific question (and I am sure there will be lots of them initially), send us an E-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible .  You will also find more help buttons and the end of this page!

You are in the right place! 

This site was born out of the needs of corporate and business trainers who want to achieve nationally recognised training standards and only need the units that are relevant to the corporate and business training sector.

I will explain further.  Trainers for Universities, TAFE Colleges and RTO's (Registered Training Organisations) now require the TAA40104 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification in order to conduct vocational training.  This consists of 14 units which include VET specific units of competency and information on how to use a training package. 

If you are a business or corporate trainer who conducts ...

... you do not need the full TAA40104 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.  All you really require are components (or units of competency as they are called) that are relevant to your corporate training needs.

The training package was built to facilitate the needs of all vocational trainers--it is a smart and dynamic package aimed at meeting a broad range of training needs and training applications.

General Introduction

You will ...

Let's face it most people do not have the time to attend classes and prepare homework at set times. Many of us are too busy earning a living and sharing family chores to enrol in vocational courses. So we miss out on further education and training and never get the opportunities and personal satisfaction that comes with higher qualifications.

You will learn with ease and study at your own pace. Whether you chose to take advantage of our E-Mail or telephone support services, or simply take your time studying at home, you will never be alone! Your training delivery staff are one E-mail away.

We have brought together the power of the Internet, and the flexibility of Competency Based Training. Study in the comfort of your home, prepare assignments when it suits you!

Achieve Nationally Recognised Qualifications which will bring you personal satisfaction and a feeling of self-achievement--and who knows may be even a better job or promotion! What are you waiting for?


Packages and Units of Competency

There are two packages we suggest.

Corporate Trainer

Approximate Hours 120 Hours
Course Fee $400 (download version)
Course Fee $600 (if you want us to post the printed manuals to you)

To get your Corporate Trainer Course!


Corporate Trainer Plus

Approximate Hours 160 Hours
Course Fee $500 (download version)
Course Fee $750 (if you want us to post the printed manuals to you)

To get your Corporate Trainer Plus Course!



Customised Corporate Trainer Course

Some of our existing corporate training clients have asked to be able to customise their own training programs. 

We now offer this exciting option to all our new clients!  Select the units of competency that you feel are best for your organisation.  

If you are unsure, do not worry, our tutor will contact you and help you review your choices.

To review and select your Customised Corporate Trainer Course!


Act now!
Why procrastinate?
You are one step away from solving your corporate training delivery problems!


  • Are your induction courses, seminars and corporate training programs conducted in accordance with national standards?
  • Do you wish you had clear and endorsed guidelines on how to conduct your corporate training programs and assessments?
  • Are your inductions, on-the-job-courses and training programs greatly unpopular with everyone at work?
  • Have just "inherited" a training job and do not know where to start?

Do your trainees look like ...


or this

Or even ... this


Yes?  Then take action!





and ...

Enrol in our Corporate Trainer Course!


Your trainees will look like this ...


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Safecity Training Academy? What accreditations do you hold? Safecity is an RTO (Registered Training Organisation Registration Number 1367).

We are registered with the Australian Capital Territory Registration Council and also with VETAB and all the other Department of Education and Training Authorities in Australia by mutual recognition.

You can see our approval status on the National Training Information Service ( NTIS ).  You can also see the list of the courses we are accredited to conduct.   Registered visitors and students can view our Company Profile and staff qualifications. 


Who will recognise my statement of attainment?   Under the Australian Qualification Framework, your certificates will be recognised nationally by employers and other RTOs (Registered Training Organisations); typically these include Universities and Technical Colleges.


 What is this symbol?

This is the Nationally Recognised Training symbol that will appear on your certificate.  Only Registered Training Organisations conducting approved courses are authorised to release certificates bearing this symbol.  


I do not live in Australia who will recognise my qualifications?

Traditionally, employers and other reputable training providers will accept qualifications from a registered training provider of another country -- however they do not have to do so, and can refuse recognition. 

Do you conduct standard face to face training?

Yes, we have been delivering Nationally Recognised Courses for since 1996 throughout Australia.  Please visit Safecity Training Academy Site for more information.

If you require a corporate training course delivered in your workplace, please send us an E-mail and we will contact you. 

What training materials will I use?

When you enrol in our program you will receive all of your initial training material either via download (PDF files) or in print form by post.

We will also set up your password and user name so all you have to do is click a link to the download and support website.

How will you identify me?

As with all good things, I expect a few unfortunate people will try to obtain certificates by fraud. We have a responsibility to ARC, VETAB, the public and to our customers to make sure our certificate are awarded only to legitimate students who have achieve competency. I will need your help to protect the integrity of your course. This is how we propose to protect the integrity of the programs:

  1. When you enrol we will ask you to send a photocopy of your driver licence or passport or other official document which carries your image.
  2. Provide us with a passport size photograph.  We also accept a digital image between 100 and 200 dpi (no larger than 300 pixels width).
  3. Provide us with credit card details.  If you cannot provide these details, you will be asked for a statutory declaration signed before a JP.
  4. Your Certificate will be digitised with your image and a serial tracking number which will be tied to our national register.

How will you assess me?

Each course has its own requirements and assessment activities, however, they will generally be in the form of assignments and projects.  Some units require a video presentation or other major project.  

What are the prerequisites?

I do not have formal school qualifications. Competency Based Training is available to anyone who is able to read and write . Australia is a pioneer in the provision of adult education.

We are proud to be part of a system which enables anyone to study and improve their qualifications. If you have difficulties with literacy, we can help you.  We will support you and deliver your course when you are able to read and write to the appropriate level (Year 10 or equivalent).

If you know of a friend or relative who is unable to read or write, reassure them and explain to them they should not feel ashamed. There are many people young and old, and even school graduates who are unable to read or have poor spelling skills.

We can help your friend achieve literacy and numerary. Send us an E-mail and we will tell you how.

I have not studied for many years and am concerned I will not make the grade.

If you are prepared to read your assignments and complete the required activities--you should be able to complete the program successfully. It is our job to make sure you do--but you must work with us by studying and completing your assignments.


What happens if I fail?

Our courses are competency based. There are no failures. You work on each unit until you master it. Some students take longer to achieve competency, and some need extra support. Distance education is excellent for this purpose--there are no deadlines!  Safecity offers the level of support you need in order to help you as much as we can.


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