Have you become retrenched or been made redundant? Lost your job?
Are you thinking of retraining?

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retrenched, redundant, lost your job do not lose hope!
Alexander Wilon JP

Right now you may be feeling angry, disappointed and let down.  You may also be feeling anxious about the future--especially if you are over the age of 40.  You may be concerned about your ability to successfully complete a retraining program.

Becoming retrenched or being made redundant is a traumatic experience which can lead to depression and other debilitating psychological symptoms.  The more unexpected the retrenchment or redundancy, the more profound the trauma.

If you are faced with such an unfortunate event,, you will need to muster all your emotional strength and mental power and take action--the best first reaction to any disaster is to take a realistic stock of the situation and plan your best defence strategy.  Note that I have underlined the word "realistic".

Managing Your Reaction the first step

There are healthy and unhealthy ways to react to a sudden retrenchment or unjustified redundancy.



Clearly there is only one way to go.

Managing Your Reaction the first step

After a brief period dedicated to mourning and grief (decide how long you want to grieve) you need to take ACTION


Not long ago I sat down with a new student, a public servant for over 30 years, who had been unceremoniously retrenched (sacked) at the tender age of 47.  The poor fellow was devastated.  I asked what he had learned in those 30 years and, after a long think, he told me "it is a jungle".  I asked him if he could write a  "Public Servant Survival Manual".   His face lit up at the idea.  Here was a well educated, articulate, wise, ex-public servant ready for action.

Yes -- the purpose of this web page is to sell you one of my Corporate Trainer Packages.  I know that once you have achieved the skills needed to prepare a training session, to deliver it and to assess the outcomes, you will have all the tools you need to make yourself employable all over again.

Better still--if no one is smart enough to employ you, you can start marketing your own courses or even write a training book on the subject of your interest.

Think about it, the future is in your hands and sometimes the greatest economic or employment tragedies are blessings in disguise--the proverbial kick in the pants that so many of us need to catapult us into a better life.


Act now!
Why procrastinate?

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